Welcome to my humble home on the big evil internet!

There's a large possibility that I don't have any interesting to tell you, but now you're here, you might as well have a look around. The site is divided in 5 main parts:

Additionaly there is a link to my CV.

As you may notice, I'm not a fan of fancy, bloated layouts. Keep it clean, keep it simple!

Here's some stuff I use on a daily basis and recommend to everyone:

I'm still a stuborn Firefox user. Chrome is also ok. As long as you're not using IE, you make me a happy geek! I hail everyone who uses a linux or unix OS in his/her daily live (no, in my world that does not include OSX). I'm using Ubuntu. As a tablet / smartphone OS, my choice is Android.

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Where am I?

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon
Your girlfriend here?

Mail pictures to girlfriend@poohbear.be.

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