So, you're interested in me, huh?

Here's a little info about me I don't mind to share.

I was born in the year of our lord MCMLXXXII(that's 1982) in a medium sized rural town called Lummen. Lummen is located in Belgium, which, according to some sources does not exist. I've lived there most of my live and since my girlfriend and me bought a house there, we plan to stay there in the near and distant future. Since january 2011 we spawned a child process with the name Arthur. Another child process was spawned in november 2012, this one got the name Marie

I'm passionate about IT, food (both cooking and eating) and Italian cars (especially Alfa Romeo). Until now I had the pleasure of being the owner of an Alfa 159 Sportswagon and an Alfa 147, unfortunately the car policy at the company I work for does not allow Alfa's anymore, so I settled with an Opel Astra Sportstourer.

From all the cars I've driven, the Alfo 159 Sportswagon is, without a doubt, the best. The Astra Sportstourer I'm driving now, is quite a boring car, but I must admit it's also a very reliable car. It lacks the dynamic character and the sportiness the Alfa had plentifull. But sometimes, just sometimes, it can be tempted to show a little bit of sportiness in it's heart. It might be my imagination, but sometimes I even think it starts to make a soft growl when you floor it in a tight corner.

One of the best definitions of an Alfisti I've found on this site:

There are three types of car buyer. The first regards a car as nothing more than a domestic appliance. The second buys a car not just for functional reasons but also as an object of some desire. These people will often buy German cars, not because they are better (sometimes they are not) but because conditioning makes such buyers think they are.And the third group? These are the buyers who genuinely understand what is good about a car, who appreciate it for what it is, who can identify with the designers' and engineers' intentions. They care less of what others think, and more of their own relationship with the machine. It is for these buyers that an Alfa Romeo should exist.

Enough about cars! My passion for food has always been around and I took evening classes for six and a half year to become a graduated chef. I have no intention to practice this as a job, but you never know ... I just like to cook, more info and some of my recipes can be found on this page. My third passion, IT, was already there before food and before Italian cars. As child, I was interested in electronics and computers. I broke all my toys, especially when they had lights or sound in them, so I could figure out how it worked. Unknowingly, I did a lot of really dangers stuff back then. My parents had no idea about it, so I must have a great guardian angel for still being around! My first real computer, I bought when I was 12 years old, it was a 486 machine with 4mb of ram and 340mb of disk space, which was one hell of a machine back then.

I was never really interested in school, mostly because I got really bored there. Really, I don't care that Mendeleev had a table during some periods and I cared even less about learning to play a flute. And geopgraphy? Well, that's where Google maps comes in, right? The things that did interest me always got me bored too, since I had already learned those things by myself at home.

Well, that's it. If you want to know more, just ask.

Blog entries

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